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A guide for Real Estate buyers/purchasers in Bangladesh: Listed primarily the agreement issues to grow awareness, and to improve the sufferings of the common people.
Emergency Guide for Real Estate Buyer/purchaser in Bangladesh

India's river diversion plan: Its impact on Bangladesh. Bangladesh: Impacts of Dams by India.
Bangladesh India Water Problem

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ID:51753 Date: - 20/07/2009 : 15:40:54 -  
David Olds - Colorado, USA

- Why do you persecute Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury? He is a civilized man. You are a country of ignorant, bigoted, backward, barbaric, blind and dangerous fools.
ID:51254 Date: - 01/06/2009 : 07:33:54 Reference: - http://banglapedia.search.com.bd/HT/H_0081.htm
mahabubur rahaman - dhaka

- hasina is a good leader.i honour her.
ID:48790 Date: - 07/04/2009 : 23:10:44 -  
hamas - u.a.e

- hasinare ami biya kobar iccha asilo kintu akon korbona keno janen se amake kota diya arekjoner saty mise take se holoke janen se holo ali ahsan m.mujahid abar aponara bolte paren ali ahsan mujahid to hasinar 1 nambar sotru tahole seta abar kemon hobe na na oder age dunu jon akjon arek jon ke bhalobasto ar jokon hasina mujahidke kisu nabole arekjoner sate biya boiya laisen tokon mujahidert hoise mata kharap bolse ai hasina toke ami moja dekabo amar saty prem koriya arekjoner sate biya boisot tokon lagse benga aito holo suru akon porjonto colte ase morar ag porjonto colbe sali bodmas
ID:1092 Date: - 20/05/2008 : 01:07:32 -  
arafat azad - dhaka

- She is the symbol of struggle,perfect daughter of bangladesh.May god bless you.

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