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A guide for Real Estate buyers/purchasers in Bangladesh: Listed primarily the agreement issues to grow awareness, and to improve the sufferings of the common people.
Emergency Guide for Real Estate Buyer/purchaser in Bangladesh

India's river diversion plan: Its impact on Bangladesh. Bangladesh: Impacts of Dams by India.
Bangladesh India Water Problem

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ID:53913 Date: - 21/09/2009 : 23:18:08 -  
Zoglul Haider - Dhaka

- A human being who is born in non-Muslim family, as per heredity and family norms, values & culture (environment) he become non-Muslim and he is automatically surrounded by a rigid circle of religious trust, he could never think out of this circle. Question is that how he would feel that Islam is the best religion ?
ID:53912 Date: - 21/09/2009 : 23:07:47 -  
Zoglul Haider - Dhaka

- Eid is to be observed as per the appearance of the moon. In this regard, my question is that first appearance of the moon in the world ? appearance within a territory ? within a community ?
ID:51989 Date: - 01/08/2009 : 10:19:45 Reference: -
Md. Shariful Alam Mollik - Joypurhat

- Would you please let me know the time of Sehri & Ifter of upcoming Ramadan. Best regards, Md. Shariful Alam Mollik 01712 654011
ID:50422 Date: - 27/05/2009 : 20:19:44 Reference: -
Md. Zakir Hossain - Jhenaidah, Bangladesh

- Please send the Time Table of 5 times Namaj and Azan
ID:1653 Date: - 05/06/2008 : 02:32:53 -  
M. Shafiqul Islam - C-12, Ramna Tower, 125, Bora Mogh Bazar, Dha

- Would you please let me know how we can get some finalcial assistance for one of the oldest pacca mosque in a remote village of Kapasia, Dist. Gazipur.Expecting your positive response. Salam to you. M. Shafiqul Islam. Cell 01730000779
ID:1617 Date: - 03/06/2008 : 03:12:36 -  
Syed Ashiquzzaman - Bangladesh

- I like to attend on islamic programme & also share the views. Thanks Zaman

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