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A guide for Real Estate buyers/purchasers in Bangladesh: Listed primarily the agreement issues to grow awareness, and to improve the sufferings of the common people.
Emergency Guide for Real Estate Buyer/purchaser in Bangladesh

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ID:53308 Date: - 11/09/2009 : 07:05:26 -  
Kazi Md. Ashraful Hoque - Bangladesh

- dear sir, i would like know about the procedure of Vested & non residencial Propert of Bangladesh. we see,According to Vested & non residencial Propert of Bangladesh 2001 Act, it shall be claimed to the regarding Tribunal, but todays state did not take any responsability regarding this matter except to pass bill 2001. now to days, as a Legal practitioner, have been seeing that most of the lawyer would try to go for only Declaration under the SR.Act. and this this to doing to the precedent of High Court! But it not so clear procedure as new law would Established by this runing Govt. please if u tell me somethign, that should be very pleasure to me to know this law. thanks Ashraful Hoque
ID:52063 Date: - 04/08/2009 : 19:04:09 Reference: -
Goutam Acharyya - bangladesh

- Please response me where when I see vasted property final gazatte list.

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